SWISH v 10X #1 Marketing Influencer Grant Cardone opens up to Ryan Tuckwood of ISR Sales Training

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ISR Training Co-Founder Ryan Tuckwood exclusively sits down with the world’s #1 Marketing Influencer & New York Times Best Selling author Grant Cardone to chat all things business and sales.
Key points:
✅ Proximity is Power
✅ Who are Grants Mentors?
✅ How Grant went from hating sales to being one of the best in the business
✅ Benefits of investing in Sales Training
✅ Two Degrees of Obscurity
✅ Does Cold Calling still hold merit?
✅ When to present the price/offer in sales
✅ What does Legacy mean to Grant?
✅ Time & Scaling
✅ How to balance professional and personal life
✅ Grant’s 3 favourite closes
✅ How to scale through the utilisation of digital platforms
✅ Building relationships with perceived competitors