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  • positive review  While Ryan's hair and dress sense might be questionable, the content certainly is not. Having completed a great deal of sales training and business development programs in the past, these guys are top of the heap. The 14-day challenge is the tip of the iceberg and I'm looking forward to a longstanding relationship with ISR to further grow my two Physiotherapy practices and the skill sets of my team. Highly recommend.

    thumb Justin Mistry

    positive review  I love ISR Training. Ryan, Jack, Rob and Chris are awesome. I can definitely recommend them for Sales Training and Coaching. They have helped me immensely.

    thumb Josie Brock

    positive review  Hi everyone, Following from a video post I shared last week I just wanted to give these guys a wrap after completing their 14 day sales challenge. They have another one coming up very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. I was able to take away new scripts I apply immediately, an abundance of handy acronyms to help remember key points in the sales process and met a bunch of really cool individuals as well. Would highly recommend anyone in sales or customer service to give it go, the challenge is packed with really useful content for anyone in sales from someone new to the industry to someone who is running a sales team and training their own staff. 😁✌

    thumb Joseph Bonanno
  • positive review  I took part in the first Swish 14 day sales challenge and loved it! Ryan and his team offer an absolute mountain of information throughout the 14 days, great quality content and engaging challenges. Highly recommend!

    thumb Jared Oldfield

    positive review  I have been training with ISR over the past 7 days and have received my skills, accountability, networking and resources then any other course I have done. Thank you #isrtraining #ryantuckwood #swishsaleschallenge #swishmovement

    thumb Jarryd Holmes

    positive review  Our entire team absolutely loved the 2 days and have started integrated all teachings both into our professional and personal lives! Ryan was incredible and we recommend anyone on the fence to dive in and make the investment!

    thumb Young Greg
  • positive review  My name is Alma Edmunds, i have attended “Certified Ballers” this weekend and want to share my thoughts about Ryan’s speech - it was amazing! He toughed my heart and inspired to improve myself, my sales skills. When Ryan said: “ Knowledge is not power! Action is Power” i decided i will learn and act at the same time , i started to understand what I need to close sales. Also his idea to be selfish to be able to help others make me feel happy to invest into myself. Thanks, Ryan! God bless you! A lot of new success!

    thumb Alma Berlizhanova-Edmunds

    positive review  Very practical easy to understand and highly engaging training

    thumb Anthony Clem

    positive review  Just finished another powerful day of sales training with Ryan. Our sales team learnt so much. Thanks for your help Ryan.

    thumb Milton Young
  • positive review  Excellent presentation and highly recommend to any business out there that is vested in their people and want to see them succeed.

    thumb Dane Howker

    positive review  Ryan and his team at ISR are truly servant leaders who are set out to add value and improve the lives and businesses around them. I can't say that for many companies but these guys genuinely care for your best interests. World-class is the only way to describe the sales training that the offer, don't think of it as a cost, think of it as an investment, you'll be doing yourself a disservice by not engaging with these guys! Couldn't recommend them enough!

    thumb Max Lau

    positive review  I had the privileged to be apart of the SWISH training program over the weekend. What an experience!!! There is sales training, then there is SWISH training. Day one out of the weekend and I have already applied so much to not only my role but also my daily structure WITH success... The gents, Ryan and Jack are geniuses in their own right. Providing a program with extraordinary value and teaching relevant skills in today's day and age with technology, marketing and so much more! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

    thumb Alexandra Louise McNally
  • positive review  I was fortunate to attend the amazing December #SWISH Bootcamp with the amazing Ryan & Jack. Can’t recommend them highly enough. For any business owner wanting to grow professionally and personally you must get involved. I was left buzzing more than Jack! Can’t wait to implement some more skills! Thanks ISR!

    thumb Abbie Wilson

    positive review  ISR Training and SWISH Academy are heads above any other sales training companies — with very talented folks like Ryan, Jack and Rob Hawkes. I strongly believe that you can trust what they say and their follow up. Insights such as those from NLP (neurolinguistic programming) are insightful and pragmatic in their application— resulting in improved sales and business outcomes. I have dealt with many training organisations and these guys are at the top!! My highest recommendation!

    thumb Kenneth Kramme

    positive review  Over the weekend I participated in the SWISH Sales training Boot camp and WOW what an action packed couple of days it was. Jack and Ryan were both Fantastic and were very easy to learn from. One thing I liked the most about over the 2 days was that it wasn't just 100% structured workbook style learning, it was a fun and interactive way of learning through role playing, active questioning and group discussions to all help each other. I hope the other boot campers learnt as much as me and can now implement the techniques, strategies and mindsets to better themselves in both Personal and career goals. Thanks again to Ryan and Jack and ISR for a great weekend and I hope to cross paths with you both again in the future.

    thumb David McDonnell
  • positive review  Yes I would definitely recommend these guys. They give up there time to also help the small business giving it ago. There fanstastic mentors to help keep you going forward even when your exhaust.

    thumb Susan Otto

    positive review  Again, today, ISR connected gracefully with my life and business. From Chris Blackburn taking the time to call me and let me know of the product packaging seminar which he and I had indeed been discussing (so relevant) to Jack Corbett's training this afternoon. Incase you haven't witnessed Jack Corbett in action, you be should warned that he is not only like a rapper (vibrantly illuminating his subject) but also a professor of everything (he can give examples of his methods for any member of his audience no matter their industry or field). Jack shines bright like a trillion watts together with his crew.

    thumb Ben Hinton

    positive review  Met Jack and Ryan at the National $ales Conference in Adelaide - they’ve truly immersed themselves in the Art of Sales/Selling. Great information with an awesome, honest and respectful approach to customers. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, you will learn something new from Jack, Ryan and the team at ISR.

    thumb Julian Robins
  • 5 star review  Recently had the opportunity to participate in the SWISH 14 Day Challenge. Very impressed with the quality of Ryan's delivery. Learned a number of really good, practical lessons that I will be putting to use every day in my role. Thank you Ryan and ISR.

    thumb Andrew Winter

    5 star review  The training delivered by Ryan Tuckwood and ISR Training team was one of the best I have attended. The course was well laid out and the resources (material/videos) were relevant and delivered in a professional manner. From my own personal experience the course exceeded my expectations. The course was titled "Double your sales in 14 days" - I actually doubled my sales in 14 days. I have no hesitation in recommending ISR Training for sales training if you wish to "Sell with integrity,sell honestly (SWISH).

    thumb Jean Pierre Adolphe

    5 star review  Having been in sales for over 10 years, and apart of other training boot camps; I found ISR training surprisingly refreshing. In particular the ethical approach to being a salesperson & the tools to reinforce that ethical customer friendly approach to the sales process. The one thing that resonated with me (particularly now implementing some new tools gains) was that inevitably a positive, value-packed outcome is available for both a sales team and their customers with the right approach and mindset.

    thumb Ethan Whitney
  • 5 star review  My business partner and I attended the SWISH 2-day bootcamp last week and were absolutely blown away by the ideas, strategies, and general enthusiasm from Ryan and the ISR team. Ryan's story is particularly inspiring and lends a huge amount of credibility to the overall success of ISR and the content of the program. I highly recommend any business owners or sales people to take part in this very well designed, structured, and delivered program - you won't regret it!

    thumb Sean Melis

    5 star review  Ryan and his team at ISR are truly servant leaders who are set out to add value and improve the lives and businesses around them. I can't say that for many companies but these guys genuinely care for your best interests. World-class is the only way to describe the sales training that the offer, don't think of it as a cost, think of it as an investment, you'll be doing yourself a disservice by not engaging with these guys! Couldn't recommend them enough!

    thumb Max Lau

    5 star review  Hi Jack, Your SWISH Bootcamp with Silkwood School high school students was electric, and I loved seeing you set off sparks in the minds of the young people in the group. Teenagers are a tough audience and they are more astute than they are often given credit for. They can read adults and gauge whether they have genuine interest in taking their ideas and interests seriously and are willing to do what it takes to help them succeed. Your efforts in getting to know the students, their intent in being there and teasing out some of their vulnerabilities, built trust and created a climate for learning. Your use of narrative was powerful, as were your tools of developing self-awareness, confidence and backing yourself. The students responded well to some challenging financial concepts and loved being exposed to marketing hacks. Most importantly, you have the head for succeeding in business and the heart and hands for sharing and extending your skills and experience to lift others up. Very much appreciate your time and energy and looking forward to the next training session with you. Kalindi (teacher)

    thumb Kalindi Brennan