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Learn the Best Sales Closing Techniques with our One Day Sales Pro Class

June 3, 2018


What are the best sales closing techniques?

ISR Training offers an award-winning in-house sales course, hosted in the heart of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. ISR is the industry leader for training sales people and small businesses, who looking to increase sales revenue through increased conversion rates simply by practicing ethical sales techniques.

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ISR is a well known and highly accredited sales training organization on the Gold Coast with a brand and reputation that stands for moral and ethical sales practices.

SWISH selling is a strategy designed by ISR’s founders Jack Corbett & Ryan Tuckwood, the Gold Coast’s Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017. This style of ethical selling has been and continues to be successfully utilized by individuals and businesses all over the world since 2014. SWISH is an acronym for; Selling with Integrity, Selling Honestly.

The SWISH sales course is a hybrid version of some of the world’s leading training programs, influenced by individuals such as Brian Tracy, Jordan Belfort, Grant Cardone, Ron Willingham, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk & many more.

Since undergoing sales training with ISR Training, I have increased my bookings by 300% and I am more conscious about ethical selling using the SWISH Sales Method. At the end of the day, plenty of professionals utilise coaches – Messi has 5 coaches helping him to score goals!” – Magnus Engberg, Sales Professional and One Day Sales Pro Class Graduate

This one-day class is a highly intensive, multi-dimensional sales training program, packed with practical application sales skills, designed to engage all learning styles. Throughout the course you will learn all the required actions needed to be a successful sales person, or train and lead a high-performing sales team to increase sales revenue with the best sales closing techniques.

The 8 hour sales training day is a comprehensive overview of how to generate leads, close sales and create repeat and referral business.

The one-day sales pro class covers a magnitude of different subjects including but not exclusive to; opening interactions and making a winning first impression, consultation and effective questioning, tonality and presentations, script writing and verbal deliverance, objection handling and closing, customer service, and how to generate repeat or referral clients.

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The class will be hosted by ISR Co-founder Jack Corbett, who has personally been trained and mentored by some of the biggest names in the game such as Jordan Belfort & Gary Vaynerchuk. Jack is a charismatic and highly motivating trainer, who managed to start, grow and sell his first million dollar business by the age of 22 and has now closed and brokered nearly $500M worth of transactions.

Jack will teach you how to minimize your fears and limiting beliefs, set goals and derive appropriate action plans to achieve those goals, as well as giving you the formula to operate at an elite performance level. He has employed, trained and managed over 3000 people, of which the vast majority have significantly increased their net wealth by learning all the fundamentals to selling effectively.

Upon completing the one day sales pro class, you will have all the necessary skills to increase sales revenue by selling with confidence and purpose, whilst maintaining your ethics and morals at all times.

The course is highly limited in its availability, as we make the classes very intimate with a maximum of 10 attendees per day, so that every individual gets the one-on-one attention they need to ensure they obtain and retain all the information shared.

The class runs 15 times per annum, so only 150 motivated people will have the opportunity to be exposed to one the industry’s leading practitioners this year.

Whilst there are a range of different business coaching and business start-up programs that are available, the vast majority are very generic and focus mostly on how to start or grow a business through effective management and leadership techniques.

Ready to learn the best sales closing techniques?

Where we differ significantly is the pure focus on increasing revenue by generating more leads, converting more sales and retaining customers through world class service. Compounding that, the very few direct comparisons in the market for sales training programs, are often very cliché and are built out of pushy, relentless sales techniques that are very outdated and not relevant to today’s consumer or the market in its entirety, in the digital age in which we find ourselves.

So, if you think that sales people are pushy, money hungry, do not listen to their consumers and rarely take no for an answer then you can appreciate why educating yourself or your team to be the same will serve no long-term benefit to personal or professional growth for you or your organisation.

With over 2000 individuals and small businesses having already completed this award-winning program, and nearly 90% of them seeing improvements in their sales results, to the average of 41% increase in sales revenue virtually instantaneously, this program adds massive value to all demographics.

So, if you wish to acquire new skills, compound or enhance your existing knowledge and most importantly increase your income through ethical sales practices, then don’t delay and enroll to the course right now.

The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing, yet expect a different result. Stop struggling to generate and convert your leads to increase sales revenue. When you take control of your sales, you control your income.

Are you having trouble re-engaging your existing customer base to transact with you on a regular basis? Stop procrastinating and take action today to move one huge step closer to financial freedom and the lifestyle that you rightfully deserve.

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Who is this course designed for?

• Individual sales staff looking to increase sales revenue and earn more commissions
• Start-Up business owners looking to increase sales revenue
• Business development managers struggling with common objections such as; I don’t have time, I can’t afford it, Can I think about it.
• Sales Managers looking to train and motivate their team to perform at the highest levels at all times
• People looking for a change in career who want to break in to the sales industry

Course Content

• Introduction & Ice Breaker
• Goal Setting & Action Planning
• 4 Levels of Learning
SWISH Selling Framework – The Negotiation Ladder
• Canvassing & Cold Calling
• Making a lasting impression
• Consultative selling through effective questioning
• The 7 Tools of SWISH Sales
• Emotional & Logical Selling
• How to sell your product, yourself & your company
• How to overcome any objection
• How to Close a Deal
• Customer Experiences – How to Wow
• How to Create Loyal Customer That Offer Repeat & Referral Business

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June 3, 2018


The Gateway Building, Level 1, 50 Appel Street,
Surfers Paradise,Queensland4217Australia
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(07) 5531 6485