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Success in selling depends on an individual’s ability to master a combination of skills, traits, and attitudes. At ISR, we provide sales training Sydney businesses love.

It’s a common belief that virtually all top salespeople have superb verbal and social skills. This is derived from one of the most memorable stereotypes in recent times, that of the used car salesman: a fast-talking individual that seemingly knows how to chat up all customers. 

While being an excellent speaker is helpful in closing sales, the lack of well-honed social skills is not a deal-breaker. Far from it. 


Our training has helped businesses boost their sales by teaching their employees how to master the vital skills required. Anyone can become a top-notch salesperson provided they’re willing to continually learn and practice.


The SWISH Sales Training Difference

Our SWISH training program teaches highly effective, ethical, and practical skills that apply in day to day selling. SWISH stands for Selling With Integrity and Selling Honestly.

Over the past 12 months, our award-winning sales training has received tremendous media attention after being featured on Shark Tank AU and landing 3 of the main investors. This is a testament to the value of the program and the results it promises.

Our SWISH methodology offers a very comprehensive program that targets salespeople in all fields and industries. We offer online training through our SWISH Academy as well as in-house bootcamps.

Retail Sales Training

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Retail Sales Training in Sydney

Retail sales training is all about learning how to convert shoppers into paying customers in order to meet sales goals. In order to boost your business’ retail sales, you need a sales force that knows how to assess prospects, create a positive first impression, connect with the customer, and learn about their needs in order to fulfill them. 


SWISH teaches your retail sales team how to do this through practical advice and sales techniques that actually work. Some benefits you can expect after the training include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction which leads to more sales
  • Increased employee satisfaction which results in low turnover rates
  • Enhanced employee productivity resulting in more revenue

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Corporate Sales Training in Sydney

Our SWISH corporate sales training provides your sales force with practical skills that address their day to day corporate challenges.

Your sales team will be able to learn:

  • How to shorten sales cycles
  • How to acquire more high-end clients
  • How to obtain repeat business from the existing clientele

The course also offers valuable content for business owners.

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Team sales training

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Team Sales Training in Sydney

Whether you have a team of 5 salespeople or 500, it doesn’t matter. The SWISH academy and Sydney sales training bootcamps will help your team learn effective strategies and techniques that will boost your business sales.


Some of the content covered in the SWISH program include:

  • Practical advice and strategies to help your team increase the close ratio
  • How to sell to different groups of people and different age brackets
  • How to build trust with prospects
  • How to close difficult prospects.

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Enjoy the SWISH online Academy benefits today!

  • Develop a sales execution model that works specifically for your business
  • Motivate your sales force by assigning them responsibilities that complement their strengths. This leads to employee satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and ultimately, increased profits.
  • Develop a high-performance corporate culture for your business.

The vast majority of sales training programs are ineffective for a number of reasons. They can be either too generic or too focused on teaching theoretical aspects of sales training. Some also group all salespeople in one basket, meaning that beginners receive the same training as seasoned sales veterans which is ineffective overall. 

The SWISH program teaches tested and proven ethical sales techniques that guarantee results. 

This information is available for all businesses with a sales team irrespective of the industry or niche. Our primary focus is on helping you and your team learn how to generate more leads, convert them to sales, and increase your revenue. 

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We also offer sales training events in other major Australian cities, such as:

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Depending on your preference you can access either our online sales training by visiting the SWISH Academy or you can subscribe for the in-person classes by signing up for our SWISH Bootcamp.

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