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It goes without saying, your sales team is the heart of your organisation. At ISR Training we help entrepreneurs, business owners and salespeople boost their product sales by providing them with ethical sales training Melbourne professionals can’t get enough of.


It’s a fact – selling today has become tougher. As more products stream into the market, customers have more options and higher expectations. 


No matter how good a product is, no one will buy it unless they know it exists. That is to say, even the best products can’t sell themselves, so let us help you to reach your goals and increase your bottom line.

Reasons to Invest In Our SWISH Program 

In order to help businesses to continually convert leads to sales and ultimately sell more, we devised the award-winning SWISH sales training method. 

SWISH stands for Selling With Integrity and Selling Honestly


The SWISH method is all about improving a business’ bottom line by bettering its salesforce. 


Our program of sales techniques has received a lot of media attention over the past 12 months after being featured on Shark Tank AU and getting three of the primary investors on board. This is a testament to the credibility of the SWISH method and the results it produces.


Our innovative approach encompasses all the vital components a successful sales program must have to yield results. It covers all facets of sales training including the following:

Retail Sales Training

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Retail Sales Training in Melbourne

If you run a brick and mortar store, no doubt you want more shoppers coming to your store. However, this means little if you don’t know how to convert a significant number of them into paying customers. This is where retail sales training is required.

Subscribing to the SWISH program will enable you to: 

  • Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales
    Since retail sales usually involve one decision-maker and short transactions of about 20 minutes, our sales trainers will help salespeople learn the critical aspects to focus on in the limited time and the best ways to close prospective buyers.
  • Improve employee retention
    Compared to other sectors, retail has a significantly high turnover rate. The SWISH program helps employees learn how to sell better, which makes it easier to fulfil their obligations and quotas thus reducing turnover rates.

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Sales Courses

Team Sales Training in Melbourne

Do you have a team of salespeople? SWISH will empower them with proven sales skills, and equip them with the tools that will generate more business for your enterprise. 

Some of the areas covered include:

  • How to structure questions to reveal deep-seated customer needs
  • How to close deals without coming off as pushy
  • How to sell products on value, not price
  • How to win customers away from lower-priced competitors

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SWISH Sales Training with Ryan Tuckwood

Sales Courses

Corporate Sales Training in Melbourne

Do you run a business that sells to other businesses? SWISH has you covered. 

Regardless of the nature of your business, we have a variety of skill-focused content that aligns with your priorities and goals.

Some of the sales training areas covered include: 

  • Better forecasting
    Employees learn how to better understand prospective business clients and the likelihood of closing a particular sale. This forecasting helps minimise unnecessary spending and allocation of resources to leads that will not bear fruit.
  • Best practices
    Salespeople get to learn the best practices to employ to net favorable results. Depending on the industry, our Melbourne sales trainers can include a repeatable selling process.
  • Improved product (and service) understanding
    Corporate sales in business to business (B2B) can include the sale of both goods and services. B2B salespeople can learn how to initiate conversations with a depth of knowledge about a product or service that will lead to the closing of a sale.

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We also offer sales courses in other major Australian cities, such as:

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Sales Courses

Do you prefer to access the material online?  The SWISH academy contains hundreds of hours of sales training content to help overcome common challenges associated with selling. This content is available 24/7 365. Join The SWISH Academy
Do you prefer in-person training?  The SWISH (In House) Bootcamp offers comprehensive and multi-dimensional sales training that caters to people with different learning styles. Join A SWISH Bootcamp