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Sales Courses Sydney

ISR Sales Training offers the most innovative and ethical sales courses Sydney – for sales professionals, business owners, and their sales employees. If you’re looking for a sales course that will help you achieve your desired revenue goals then look no further than our SWISH program.

SWISH – which stands for Selling With Integrity, Selling Honestly – is an award-winning sales course that teaches the most effective sales strategies and techniques that are based on honesty and integrity. Honesty cultivates trust, which forms the foundation of solid relationships between you and your customers. This relationship further translates to long-term sales and increased revenue.

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Our sales courses succeed where most fail because they consist of highly practical selling strategies and techniques that are based on honesty and integrity. We believe in human-to-human selling with honesty at the heart of our SWISH sales course

Our program is focused on giving you actionable advice that will generate both short-term and long-term success. We also throw in some extras such as monthly coaching, weekly webinars with new guests, and other resources to help you continue to grow.


Types of  Sales Courses 

We offer a variety of sales courses in our Bootcamp and SWISH Academy.  Below are just a few:

Online sales training

Sales Courses

Corporate Sales Courses Sydney

If you’re in corporate sales and you’d like your team to improve their skills, sign them up to our corporate sales courses. Our corporate SWISH courses will enable your team to:


  • Create and deliver a memorable elevator pitch.
  • Become better negotiators.
  • Learn how to spot quality leads.
  • Close more deals. 

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Phone Sales training

Sales Courses

Team Sales Courses Sydney

Do you have a sales team that you’d like to boost their skills? Or perhaps you’d like to bring up a new team with no prior sales knowledge and experience. Either way, our SWISH team sales courses will transform them into world class salespeople. We will teach them:


  • How to work as a cohesive unit.
  • Tips for generating leads
  • How to smash KPI’s
  • Ways to master logical and emotional selling.

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Retail Sales Training

Sales Courses

B2B Sales Courses Sydney

Business-to-business sales tend to be more complex than other sales types because it involves selling to professional buyers who have undergone training to obtain the best possible deal. Our SWISH courses can help you learn the art of selling services and products to these decision makers.

When you enroll in our SWISH program you’ll learn:

  • How to source ideal prospects.
  • How to deliver memorable demonstrations and presentations.
  • Highly effective consultation and negotiation techniques.
  • How to close more deals.

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Results Guaranteed! 

Over the past year ISR Training has received lots of media attention after its successful debut on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank. We were able to secure investments from three sharks i.e. Glen Richards, Andrew Banks, and Steve Baxter.

You know we’re the real deal when three of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs are eager to partner with us. Since then the SWISH method has increasingly become more popular in the industry. Businesses love our course because it covers the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to negotiating, and closing. 

More importantly, the course teaches how to be successful in all the sales stages by using the best, proven techniques and strategies.


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We’re also making it easier to access our courses from numerous locations in Australia:

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Sales Courses

Online Sales Courses Do you enjoy the freedom of learning from anywhere and at any time? You can join our SWISH Academy to gain access to online SWISH courses 24/7, 365. You'll also have access to our monthly coaching, weekly webinars, and our ever growing digital sales library. Join The SWISH Academy
Sales Workshops Sydney Do you enjoy learning face to face? If yes, consider enrolling in our SWISH Bootcamp. This is a highly-informative and fun way of learning. You'll get to interact with the SWISH founders and our team of experts in engaging and interactive sessions. Plus, you get to meet lots of professionals in your industry for networking purposes. Join A SWISH Bootcamp