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Sales Courses Gold Coast

SWISH offers the most innovative, practical and tailored sales courses on the Gold Coast with programs for sales teams and business owners. If you want to boost your sales performance and increase your profits then this training is for you. We’re revolutionising the sales industry courtesy of our ethical training course – SWISH.

The SWISH Sales Training Difference 

SWISH stands for Selling With Integrity Selling Honestly. We believe honesty is the key to building trust and creating a positive client experience. This in turn results in long-term sales growth.

Our program teaches transparent selling techniques that have been proven to work repeatedly and guarantee your business greater success.

In 2018 our award winning SWISH program was featured on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank and was very well received by the sharks. We were able to secure investments from three sharks – Andrew Banks, Steve Baxter, and Glen Richards. This is a testament to the immense value our program contains and the results it promises.

Sales Courses Gold Coast


For those who prefer the flexibility and freedom of online learning, our SWISH Academy contains content on a wide range of subjects to transform you into a world-class salesperson.

When you join the SWISH Academy you can access our courses from anywhere, and at any time. Your subscription gives you instant 24-hour, 365 day unlimited access to our ever-expanding digital library that contains hundreds of hours of sales content.

You also gain access to:

  • Weekly live webinars hosted by ISR founders Jack Corbett and Ryan Tuckwood, audio books and business templates.
  • Dedicated 1 on 1 monthly coaching
  • Discounted opportunities to advertise to our network.

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Types of Sales Courses 


We offer a variety of sales courses that suit different businesses and industries, and niches.

Below are a few courses we offer. Choose from the quick links below the training you want to learn. To obtain a full breakdown of all our sales training programs, please contact us.

Online sales training

Sales Courses

Corporate Sales Courses Gold Coast

Corporate sales involves one company selling to other companies. This is either done via phone or in-person. When you personally subscribe or enroll your team into our SWISH sales workshop or online courses tailored to corporate selling you will learn how to:

  • Improve your sales pitch delivery by learning the right tone and body language.
  • Create a stunning elevator pitch. Become a better negotiator.
  • Enhance your skills when it comes to demonstrating and presenting.
  • Manage time better to hit your sales quotas easily.

Start advancing your corporate sales skills now by enrolling in the SWISH Academy

Phone Sales training

Sales Courses

B2B Sales Courses Gold Coast

Business to Business (or B2B) involves selling products and services produced by one business to other businesses. When you begin B2B sales training you will learn how to:


  • Build a strong rapport and have engaging conversations with strangers via phone.
  • Go about proactive objection prevention Go about objection handling.
  • Become a better negotiator.
  • Manage relationships post-sale.
  • Master your B2B sales skills today!

Improve your B2B conversion rates

Retail Sales Training

Sales Courses

Retail Sales Courses Gold Coast

Retail sales are all about converting the browsers who wander into your store into qualified paying customers.

By enrolling in the SWISH online course you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop and fine-tune your retail sales plans.
  • Connect with potential customers in a short time frame.
  • How to multi-task effectively.
  • Prevent sales objections.
  • Effectively communicate a product’s benefits.

Start making sales and improving conversions!

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We also offer sales courses in other major Australian cities, such as:

Ready to get started?

Looking for the best sales courses on the Gold Coast?

Our SWISH course has everything you’ll ever need. The SWISH methodology is a hybrid course produced by combining sales training programs from the world’s renowned sales individuals such as Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jordan Belfort, and Dale Carnegie among others.

Are you ready to advance your business to the next level? Subscribe to our multidimensional SWISH coaching sessions to help your sales team obtain highly practical and effective sales skills to boost their performance. For in-person sessions check out our HIIT (High-Intensity Impact Training) Sales Coaching.

Depending on your preference you can access either our online sales training by visiting the SWISH Academy or you can subscribe for the in-person classes by signing up for our SWISH Bootcamp.

Sales Courses