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Sales Courses Brisbane

ISR Sales Training offers ethical sales courses in Brisbane for business owners, their sales-force, and other sales professionals. If you’re looking to generate more revenue for your business then this sales course is definitely for you. We know that businesses that practice honest sales strategies tend to do exceedingly better than those that don’t.

The SWISH Sales Training Difference 

Prospects are more likely to accept a deal if they believe the salespeople are trustworthy. This is why we teach you how to integrate highly effective ethical practices in your selling through our SWISH – Selling With Integrity Selling Honestly – methodology.

SWISH also equips you with other crucial information and practical skills that will help you win over more customers.

In 2018 we successfully showcased our SWISH course on Channel’s Ten Shark Tank. Three sharks, Steve Baxter, Glen Richards, and Andrew Banks, were overly impressed by our program and chose to partner with us. More proof our course is the real deal.

Sales Courses Brisbane



You can access our sales training courses online via our SWISH Academy. The Academy contains
everything you need to get started as a sales professional or upgrade your sales skills

By joining the SWISH Academy you’ll have access to:

● All our existing digital sales content as well as fresh content uploads.
● You can access this content 24/7, 365 days a year from any location
● Monthly coaching.
● The ever-growing SWISH community.
● Discounted opportunities.

brisbane sales courses

Sales Courses Brisbane



brisbane sales courses

You can choose to attend training at our venue if this is your preferred mode of learning. By
choosing this option you’ll be able to:

● Access our team of SWISH experts one-on-one for 2 days of highly-intensive training.
● Weekend training to suit your schedule.
● Attend exclusive classes with limited members to ensure maximum concentration and





Types of Sales Courses 


Our diverse sales courses cater to a range of different businesses and sales niches, meaning you can take the course that will offer the most benefits to you. 

Unlike other sales courses, a course at ISR we provide a comprehensive breakdown of highly successful, completely modern selling techniques. Our methods are based on integrity and honesty,  enabling you and your business to grow and generate more revenue. 

Connect to your specific customers with:

Online sales training

Sales Courses

Corporate Sales Courses Brisbane

Corporate sales is the technique of one company selling to other companies either via phone or in-person. When you enrol your sales team or subscribe to our corporate SWISH sales workshop or online courses you’ll learn how to:

  • Master the delivery of a sales pitch using the right tone and body language.
  • Craft stunning elevator pitches.
  • Get better at negotiating.
  • Enhance and expand your demonstration and presentation skills.
  • Better manage your time to hit your sales quotas.

Advance your corporate sales skills by joining the SWISH Academy

Phone Sales training

Sales Courses

B2B Sales Courses Brisbane

Business to Business sales incorporates the sale of products and services by one business to other businesses. When you subscribe to  B2B sales training with ISR you will learn how to:


  • Build strong rapport with strangers over the phone
  • Be proactive with preventing objections
  • Handle objections when they arise
  • Negotiate expertly
  • Manage post-sale relationships 
  • Hone your B2B sales skills 

Improve your B2B conversion rates

Retail Sales Training

Sales Courses

Retail Sales Courses Brisbane

Retail sales is all about converting the prospects browsing in your store into paying customers.

By subscribing to our SWISH course you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop and fine-tune sales plans for your retail store.
  • Connect easily with prospects in a short time.
  • Effectively multi-task.
  • Prevent objections from customers.
  • Effectively communicate the benefits of a product.

Learn how to improve conversion rates

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We also offer sales courses in other major Australian cities, such as:

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Looking for the best sales courses in Brisbane?

Our SWISH course has everything you’ll ever need. The SWISH methodology is a hybrid course produced by combining sales training programs from the world’s renowned sales individuals such as Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jordan Belfort, and Dale Carnegie among others.

Are you ready to advance your business to the next level? Subscribe to our multidimensional SWISH coaching sessions to help your sales team obtain highly practical and effective sales skills to boost their performance. For in-person sessions check out our HIIT (High-Intensity Impact Training) Sales Coaching.

Depending on your preference you can access either our online sales training by visiting the SWISH Academy or you can subscribe for the in-person classes by signing up for our

SWISH Bootcamp.

Sales Courses

Online Sales Courses Can't get to an in-person sales course? The SWISH Academy has you covered, with hours of great content that you can refer to any time.  Being part of our SWISH Academy will mean you can gain full access to our digital library filled with prime sales content suitable for all sales niches. Better yet, we're continually adding to it so there's always something new. Join The SWISH Academy
In-person Sales Courses Brisbane If you get the most out of face-to-face learning then you'll definitely enjoy our SWISH Bootcamp. Packed with practical skills, during this sales course you and your team will learn the most successful methods for increasing conversions and overall revenue. Join A SWISH Bootcamp