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Sales Courses

With Integrity
Selling Honestly

If you’re looking to improve sales performance, generate more leads and massively increase business revenue, our sales courses are for you.

At ISR Sales Training, we’re bringing ethical sales courses to you with our uniquely formulated SWISH training method – Selling With Integrity, Selling Honestly.

Our multi award-winning sales courses are industry-specific and customised to suit you, your business and your products. Through our intensive in-house Bootcamps and online SWISH Academy, we deliver highly interactive learning packed with relevant, up-to-date information and innovative sales strategies.

We’ve already helped thousands of businesses to realise their dream and increase their sales revenue with proven and ethical selling techniques that get you results – fast.

Discover how to boost sales conversion and increase revenue today. Enlist in our powerful 2-day in-house sales course or get started with the SWISH Academy and study online.

Sales Workshops


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Our high-impact, multi-dimensional Bootcamp events deliver
in-house sales coaching workshops loaded with invaluable information
that covers every aspect of the sales process.

Led by co-founders Ryan Tuckwood and Jack Corbett, our workshops
take place over two days, are tailored to your business and focus on the subjects
that will benefit you the most.

In-house numbers are intentionally kept small so we can ensure
a personalised one-on-one learning environment where we get to
know you and your specific role in the company. We then use numerous practical
activities, such as live role-plays with feedback, to help you understand your strengths
and target your weaknesses to become an empowered, multi-skilled sales
professional of the business.

You can also join our sales workshops through the SWISH Academy and learn online
your own pace from any device. Our constantly updated digital content makes it
easy for you to keep up with the fast-paced nature of sales and customer service.


The Benefits of Attending a Small Event

When you attend one of our highly-acclaimed Bootcamp events, you’ll be part of a small group of people which means we can keep the focus on you and target each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our Bootcamp sales courses are run by co Jack and Ryan who bring their years of award-winning sales expertise and professionalism to each and every course they teach. Small events maximise the amount of time we have with each person. This means that everyone has a chance to work one-on-one with our trainers and receive valuable insight and feedback as to how they can improve as a sales professional and sell with confidence every time.



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Online sales training

Online Sales Courses

Online digital sales courses are becoming an increasingly popular method of learning sales. Not only is it a flexible and convenient way to learn, you’ll have unlimited access to countless online learning resources that will allow you to design a sales program that works for you.

By joining the SWISH Academy, you and your team will have unlimited access to our digital library packed full of priceless sales coaching content that you can access anytime, anywhere. Learn the essentials of ethical selling and overcome any challenge you’re facing with our digital content including:

  • Webinars
  • Audio
  • Business templates
  • Online sales coaching
  • Seminars
  • Masterclasses
  • Plus More

As a SWISH member, you’ll also have access to our frequent workshops where you’ll benefit from the opportunity to participate in Q&A’s with Jack and Ryan, as well as interact with a buzzing online community of SWISH learners.

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Sales Training Courses

Corporate Sales Courses

B2B sales requires you to learn the skills and tools needed to sell effectively to other businesses. We can teach you how to deliver powerful sales presentations that will win over business professionals and forge positive and lasting relationships with them. 

By having a thorough understanding of your product or service, we can train you to communicate the USP of your business to any personality type just by using the right tone and asking the right questions.

Learn how to build rapport with other businesses and use the proven SWISH methodology to confidently consult, negotiate and close deals with them that will result in repeat business.

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Team sales training

Business Sales Courses

The success of any business depends on the strengths and capabilities of its sales team. If you’re a business owner and want to grow your business and revenue, the best thing you can do is to invest in a great business sales course. An effective sales course can transform you, your team and your business and have you working towards a common goal.

Sales courses can take an under-performing sales team and give them the right skills, sales techniques and strategies needed to become a powerhouse sales professional and sell with renewed focus, energy and confidence. 

Backed by a strong sales team, you can expect a significant increase in lead generation and conversion. With the knowledge and skills gained in a sales course, sales teams will be able to land bigger clients and bigger deals, resulting in increased revenue for the company.

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  • What is a sales course?

    Sales courses are structured programs taught by industry experts that are used to teach salespeople the essential skills, strategies and tools needed to excel in their role.

    A sales course can be delivered in-house such as a workplace or suitable training venue, and consist of face-to-face learning and one-on-one coaching for groups and individuals. Or it can be delivered online where you’ll have the flexibility to learn remotely at your own pace and have access to digital sales content and resources.

  • How can a sales course help a business?

    Investing in a sales course can help your business expand to exponential heights. You can learn how to:

    •       Motivate and refocus a sales team
    •       Establish an action plan with goals and objectives
    •       Gain confidence and overcome fears
    •       Build rapport
    •       Communicate effectively
    •       Cold call
    •       Prospect new clients
    •       Create a winning pitch
    •       Generate leads
    •       Understand the importance of tone
    •       Sell with emotion and logic
    •       Overcome obstacles and objections
    •       Negotiate with integrity
    •       Close transactions and more
  • What are the benefits of an online sales course?

    Online sales courses are becoming a hugely popular and convenient way to learn. By choosing to study via a digital platform such as the SWISH Academy, you can have access to course materials from anywhere in the world and devise a study pattern that fits around your busy schedule.

    We’re constantly updating our academy with the latest digital content, videos, audio, templates, webinars, seminars and much more to keep you in-the-know and staying ahead of your competitors.

  • What are the benefits of an in-house sales course?

    An in-house sales course is usually conducted over a short period of time and involves face-to-face training in an environment such as your workplace or a training venue. Our Bootcamps are highly interactive, including role-playing, and involve the teaching of practical sales skills that you can utilise immediately.

    In-house sales courses allow you to learn from experienced sales educators in-person and work with them one-on-one to uncover your strengths, work on your weaknesses and empower yourself to become a world-class salesperson.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

You can get involved in our events by attending one of our in-house Bootcamp sales courses in a city near you. We offer:

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If you prefer the convenience of online learning, then the SWISH Academy is for you. Simply sign up to gain unlimited 365 day access to our digital sales content. Invest in our sales courses today and start realising the full potential of your company – the sky’s the limit!

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