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Sales Coaching Sydney

Did you know the top 1% of salespeople earn more than most CEO’s, yet they rarely work as hard or put in similar long hours? That’s because they follow a consistently effectively process with all their customers and prospects. 

At ISR we have studied this group comprehensively and included their techniques and strategies as part of our SWISH sales coaching Sydney program.

SWISH, which stands for Selling With Integrity and Selling Honestly, is our award-winning coaching program that was created by ISR founders Jack Corbett and Ryan Tuckwood. 

Our one-on-one coaching methods help transform ordinary folks into the world’s best salespeople by teaching them strategies and techniques employed by the top 1%.

with Integrity
Selling Honestly


Benefits of a Sales Coach for Sydney Businesses

In the past 12 months, our program has received lots of media coverage after appearing on Shark Tank AU and securing investments from the top 3 investors. This speaks to the tremendous value the program offers and the success businesses are sure to gain from investing in it.

The following are a few benefits of hiring an ISR business sales coach to teach you the strategies you need to improve your sales performance.


Improved Selling Skills

Improved Sales Skills

Increase in profits

Sales coaching is highly specific and personalised. It caters to both the general needs of a sales team and the individual needs of the employees. By working with individuals to improve their skills a sales coach guarantees you’re able to improve on your weak points and become significantly better.

Improved selling skills means that you will be able to close more customers and prospects than ever before. In part, this occurs because the coach helps you identify your core selling strengths and how to use them effectively.

Sales coaching done right ensures an increase in sales, both short and long term. This means, as a business owner, you can expect much higher profits in each quarter, and year after year. On average, businesses that invest in a sales coach realise at least 25 per cent higher profit margins per year than businesses that don’t.

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How a Personal Sales Coach Guarantees Better Results

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, a professional sales coach will educate you on highly effective and unique selling techniques and strategies that work best on consumers and prospects in this modern era.


For example, the concept of selling as helping, also referred to as authentic selling. This concept helps salespeople learn how to sell products and services by presenting them as solutions to people’s problems. 


There’s also the concept of, first and foremost, selling to yourself. A sales coach will help you gain a deep conviction about your product or service which will then make you more persuasive while selling – all in a private, high-intensity impact training (HIIT) session.

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Benefits of Investing In SWISH Coaching

Our SWISH coaching program is revolutionising sales in virtually all industries. SWISH will help you look at selling from the modern perspective.

The program is geared towards helping businesses increase profits by providing salespeople with proven practical sales techniques and strategies that are focused on the modern consumer. Not only that, you’ll learn better negotiation and closing skills to ensure you’re confident in the process from beginning to end.

Online sales training

For Sydney business owners, SWISH sales coaching will help you:

  • Better develop sales plans and processes
  • Learn how to set achievable targets and know when to stretch them
  • Create a positive organisational culture
  • Develop good synergy internally among the sales department and other
    units in your business

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Team sales training

For Sydney sales employees, SWISH coaching will:

  • Facilitate rapid development of their selling skills.
  • Help them shorten sales cycles.
  • Help them become more persuasive and close more customers/prospects.
  • Boost employee satisfaction which will result in better customer service.

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