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Sales Coaching Melbourne

At ISR we offer sales coaching in Melbourne that is guaranteed to drastically develop your salesforce in order to help them meet your desired sales targets.

As a business owner, you’re probably all too aware that the vast majority of sales coaching programs don’t work.

Chances are you’ve invested in a couple of them with little success. As a leader, you know that in order to achieve and maintain consistent growth, your sales team needs to receive effective sales coaching.

After all, your business won’t thrive, let alone survive, without a talented sales department.

with Integrity
Selling Honestly

THE SWISH Sales Coaching Difference

We’re able to accomplish this through our award-winning SWISH sales program which has helped numerous businesses across Australia and the world maximise their sales performance.

SWISH represents Selling With Integrity and Selling Honestly. In the past 12 months, our program has received tremendous media attention after being showcased on Shark Tank AU and receiving significant investments from three of the main investors.

This is more proof that the SWISH program delivers great value.



Benefits of a Sales Coach for Melbourne Businesses


A business sales coach plays a similar role to a sales trainer but delivers a host of other benefits. To better understand the differences between a sales trainer and a sales coach consider the roles of conventional trainers and coaches.

A trainer imparts knowledge on the correct way to perform an activity or achieve an objective. On the other hand, a coach may also teach the same skills but their focus is usually on helping others improve and refine a particular taught skill(s). In a nutshell, investing in a sales coaching program for your business will lead to a more knowledgeable sales team which will translate to more sales and more profits.

A good coach will offer a full business diagnostic to learn about the business and tailor an effective teaching model that compliments the specific business’ needs.

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How a Personal Sales Coach Can Boost Results

As mentioned, the job of a personal sales coach is to provide sales training reinforcement and mentoring. It’s always advisable to obtain both the sales training and sales coaching programs for your team from the same firm as they will have more time to familiarise itself with your staff and have a better understanding of their needs.

If you choose different firms, in order to help you get better sales results, the first thing a sales coach does is work to understand your team and the areas they need the most help with. The coach will also seek to learn about the earlier sales training received (if any) in order to make an informed decision on how to conduct the sessions.

Afterwards, the coach will schedule regular meetups, either in-person or online, in order to help your sales team with any of the following:

      • Bettering their sales performance. This may include providing motivation on a regular basis. Depending on the business, this may include reinforcing a product’s descriptions and benefits, especially for new sales members, to help them better handle customer questions satisfactorily.
      • How to gain a competitive edge. This may include expounding on ways to establish good and long-lasting relationships with customers that the competition has neglected.
      • Continually updating a team’s knowledge. This involves providing the team with new information on how changes in information technology have affected their product and market, and how to adjust their sales techniques accordingly in order to thrive.
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Boost their communication skills. This involves providing real-life examples on how to approach different prospects, and the tone, language, and mannerisms to use that will prove effective in closing a sale.

  • Some core areas include sales knowledge, product knowledge, and internal sales processes or systems. For each area, based on your desired outcome, the coach will determine what you or your sales reps need to know and the bare minimum you require in order to achieve your targets.
  • Afterwards, the coach will tackle sales problems that affect the team as a unit, and those that affect the individuals.

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Benefits of Subscribing to Our SWISH Coaching Program

Our SWISH coaching model is a hybrid of some of the top coaching programs in the world influenced by the likes of Zig Ziglar, Simon Sinek, and Jordan Belfort, to name a few. It is geared towards creating world-class salespeople through teaching and reinforcing highly effective and practical sales strategies and techniques.

We provide coaching on virtually all sales disciplines. Some SWISH coaching will help:

  • Boost your team confidence through continuous coaching, follow-ups, and exposure, our model can help transform even the timidest employees into super salespeople.
  • Improve your team’s selling skills. Our sales coaching sessions are highly personalised. We work with specific members to ensure they continually improve on their weaknesses. Over time we revise our coaching to focus on other areas as well.
  • Accelerate the growth of your sales managers. SWISH coaching helps sales managers become better leaders in a short time span. Our program helps them better communicate their business sales vision and learn how to inspire their teams.
  • Better sales results. By improving your team’s sales skills our SWISH coaching guarantees more revenue for your organisation both in the short and long run.

Our trainers can also visit your premises, upon request, to conduct sessions.

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Online sales training

For business owners, SWISH sales coaching in Melbourne will help you:

  • Better develop sales plans and processes
  • Learn how to set achievable targets and know when to stretch them
  • Create a positive organisational culture
  • Develop good synergy internally among the sales members as well as between the sales department and other units in your business.

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Team sales training

For Melbourne sales employees, SWISH coaching will:

  • Facilitate rapid development of their selling skills.
  • Help them shorten sales cycles.
  • Help them become more persuasive and close more customers/prospects.
  • Boost employee satisfaction which will result in better customer service.

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