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Sales Coaching Brisbane

At ISR we provide highly effective sales coaching in Brisbane that is guaranteed to transform your salesforce into a star team and ultimately increase your revenue.

Highly skilled salespeople are easy to identify. They have a unique way of putting prospects at ease. Their energy and state of being radiate positivity. It’s almost as if they have no desire to sell as much as they’re mainly focused on making a difference in people’s lives.

This vibe causes customers and prospects to flock to them and they end up performing exceptionally well above their competition in sales. As a business owner, you want such individuals on your sales team. We can help you attain this.

In recent times, the art of selling has and continues to evolve at a rapid rate. New technology, an increase in businesses producing new and similar products, as well as a shift in customer attitudes, has affected how purchasing decisions are made.

In order to remain competitive, businesses need to ensure their teams are utilising strategies that are in sync with the changing times

with Integrity
Selling Honestly

The SWISH Sales Coaching Difference

Our SWISH coaching provides sound, practical and proven sales techniques that will help better close customers in this modern age. The SWISH acronym is short for Selling With Integrity and Selling Honestly. Over the past year, our program has been featured extensively in the media after we showcased it on Shark Tank AU and managed to secure significant investments from three of the main investors.


Benefits of a Sales Coach for Brisbane Businesses


Most salespeople have some sort of sales training. A sales coach builds on the initial training received by helping sales reps better understand sales concepts, and refine their selling skills. Depending on the accuracy of the initial information taught, sales coaching can also involve correcting and re-teaching old concepts.


A sales coach will also provide:

  • A unique third party perspective. By hiring a coaching professional you are essentially hiring a pair of unbiased but trained eyes to scrutinise your business and provide recommendations on how to improve your sales operations and sales personnel service. This outside view also helps shed a unique perspective on sales matters that you may have missed being so close to the business.
  • Sales training. A coaching professional can observe your team in action and provide guidance on issues such as closing a sale, approaching a customer, cold calling and more.
    This training is not only geared towards assisting individual sales reps but it also ensures everyone is able to work together and thrive as a sales unit.
  • Ongoing mentoring. A coach provides regular mentoring to help your team continually improve. This can include providing unique insight, suggestions, and even answering questions.

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How a Personal Sales Coach Can Help You Get better Results


    • In addition to the aforementioned benefits, working one on one with a personal sales coach will help you assess your business and break down the core sales areas that you feel the least confidence with.


    • Some core areas include sales knowledge, product knowledge, and internal sales processes or systems. For each area, based on your desired outcome, the coach will determine what you or your sales reps need to know and the bare minimum you require in order to achieve your targets.


  • Afterwards, the coach will tackle sales problems that affect the team as a unit, and those that affect the individuals.
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Benefits of Our ISR SWISH Coaching Model

ISR SWISH coaching is geared towards maximising sales performance through the use of highly effective, practical, and ethical principles and strategies.

Our sales coaching programs are customised to help specific teams and individuals solve unique problems. We do not offer one size fits all solutions. Over the years we have helped thousands of businesses, many of which had no experience, and now generate 6 figure incomes through the strategies and skills we taught them.

Unlike most programs, our SWISH coaching is led by people who have decades of actual sales experience. Our accredited coaches are able to break down difficult points by using clear illustrations and numerous relevant examples. This makes it easier to understand and apply taught concepts in real-life scenarios.

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Online sales training

For Brisbane business owners, SWISH sales coaching will help you:

  • Better develop sales plans and processes
  • Learn how to set achievable targets and know when to stretch them
  • Create a positive organisational culture
  • Develop good synergy internally among the sales members as well as between the sales department and other units in your business.

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Team sales training

For Brisbane sales employees, SWISH coaching will:

  • Facilitate rapid development of their selling skills.
  • Help them shorten sales cycles.
  • Help them become more persuasive and close more customers/prospects.
  • Boost employee satisfaction which will result in better customer service.

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Depending on your preference you can access either our online sales training by visiting the SWISH Academy or you can subscribe for the in-person classes by signing up for our SWISH Bootcamp.

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