The SWISH Academy


For the equivalent of just $42 a week, joining the SWISH academy will give you and/or your team unlimited access to our liquid library containing hundreds of hours of content ranging from how to beat the gatekeeper, through to overcoming objections and closing sales and even weekly LIVE coaching.

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The SWISH Academy is more than an education, it’s a lifestyle.

Joining the exclusive ISR SWISH Academy provides you with 12-months access to:

ISR’s full liquid library of digital sales training content updated constantly
• Unlimited access to regular webinars with ISR Co-founders Ryan Tuckwood, Jack Corbett & guest speakers.
• All ISR sales and business templates available for download
• A dedicated growth manager providing 30 mins of 1 on 1 coaching/accountability every month
• Access to the exclusive SWISH community of like-minded individuals
• The full 168-page ISR action & 5-hour audiobook
• VIP notifications on all new releases & invites to events
• Discounted opportunities to sponsor ISR events and advertise your services to our network

Our liquid library contains literally hundreds of hours of content ranging from how to beat the gatekeeper, overcoming any objections and closing sales.

This academy is not restricted to just helping people become the world’s best salespeople and negotiators, but the content also covers: making a winning first impression, how to build rapport, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mastering tonality, how to communicate effectively, management techniques, high-level customer services strategies and much much more.

If the camera has been pointed in the face of Jack Corbett and Ryan Tuckwood, it’s in here and there’s more added pretty much daily. Some of the content is raw, taken live as it happens, including live calls, live training, seminars, coaching sessions, webinars, the lot etc. Every piece of digital content we have ever created will be in this library, which is worth its weight in gold.

Where most people find immense value in the ISR Academy is having access to every single one of our workshops and masterclasses, of which Ryan and Jack hold open classes extremely often with a Q&A opportunity always.

You can log in to from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and engage the teachings, as well as, interact with and ask questions to personalise or put into context with your actual occupation or biggest challenges.

What is covered? (additional content added regularly)

  • Welcome & Introduction 
  • Understand how to learn anything FAST
  • Goal Setting & Action Planning Full Videos & Templates
  • The 4 Levels of Learning
  • The 60-Day Stretching Program
  • The Inner & Outer Game of Sales
  • Tonality – the 8 Macro Tones
  • The 6 stages of professional Rapport Building
  • How to Build Rapport in a social setting – all 4 stages
  • Selling Emotionally V Logically
  • Attribute Modelling
  • Internal Modelling
  • Removing your own and clients Limiting Beliefs
  • Understanding the 4 Buying Archetypes
  • How to write a 60-second Elevator Pitch
  • Selling through Stories
  • SWISH selling framework – The Negotiation Ladder (full)
  • Canvassing & Cold Calling
  • Sales Funnels & KPI reporting
  • How to beat a gatekeeper & get to the decision maker
  • Making a Professional & Lasting impression
  • Objection Handling & how to overcome any objection diplomatically
  • Understanding the Negotiation Grid
  • Consultative selling through Effective Questioning
  • The 7 Tools of SWISH sales
  • How to sell your product, yourself & your company. The 300% Rule of Value
  • How to Close a Deal
  • Recency & Frequency
  • Closing language patterns
  • Customer experiences – how to WOW and provide a world class customer service
  • How to create loyal customers that offer Repeat & Referral Business
  • And much much more, with content added constantly

What are the main benefits?

Unlimited access 24/7, 365 to every new piece of content that is added to our library, continuously and forever.

This will allow you to watch them over and over again to perfect your techniques, overcome any challenges and begin to sell and negotiate like a world-class professional.

You can listen to the audio files in your car or on your phone just before that big presentation or an important meeting. Learn the skills and techniques to be a master negotiator and influencer without having to step into a classroom. Updated regularly, the library contains some of the world’s best sales training content adding a new flavour to the old and a splash of spice for the new, combined with integrity and honesty it is a strategy designed to last with the customers best interest at the centre of every decision you make.

Knowing that every single day you will have sales training with Jack Corbett & Ryan Tuckwood in your pocket, that you can either participate in live, if your schedule allows, or have posted to your dashboard to watch at the start or the end of each day, will take you from being good to great and allow you to change your lives by increasing your ability to earn.

Who is it for?

This library is designed with versatility in mind and can suit a wide range of people including but not exclusive to; individuals in sales, marketing or management positions, multi-national corporations, small to medium-sized enterprises, budding entrepreneurs considering starting their own organisation or anyone looking to improve their confidence and communication skills, especially if they wish to inspire or influence action in others.

NB: If there is something sales or business related that you are looking for and can’t find in our academy, we will add it for you within 72hrs.

What is my investment?

$2,200 for 12 months per licence