12 Month Sales Mentorship (Invite Only)


From just $249 a week, our 12 Month Business Mentorship* is for serious business owners looking to accelerate growth and massively increase revenue.

*Invitation only after initially consultation

What does the program cover?

We will start with a business/individual diagnostic session, to analyse whether we are a good fit for you and vice versa.

We will look to diagnose the areas that we can have the quickest wins, showing financial upside virtually instantly. We will look at KPI’s & metric reporting, to ensure that your business model is built to succeed in cash flow optimisation and longevity at the core of every decision we make.

We will also assess current sales processes, average sales cycle time, average transaction value and lead to sale conversion rates with the aim of reducing sales cycle time and increasing both average transaction values and conversion rates through our revolutionary SWISH sales methodology.

We will assess the 3 P’s in your business or business idea: Product/Packaging/Prices.

You will also receive the following:
  • Full access to our 2-day SWISH Sales Bootcamp 
  • Full access to our flagship product, The SWISH digital academy, that is updated constantly
  • Unlimited access to regular webinars with ISR Co-founders Ryan Tuckwood, Jack Corbett, guest speakers & senior coaches
  • All ISR sales and business templates available for download
  • 2-hours per month of one on one coaching with our award-winning directors, Ryan Tuckwood or Jack Corbett
  • Access to the SWISH community
  • First invites & notifications for all ISR events
  • The full 168-page ISR action & 5-hour audiobook
  • VIP notifications on all new product releases
  • Discounted opportunities to sponsor ISR events and advertise your services to our network

We will analyse how you currently identify, reach, land, obtain, retain and advise your customers and show you how to increase or improve that through various avenues including taking advantage of our extensive network or affiliates.

We will look to add to what is working and to identify areas of waste within the business to help increase the profit margin using lean sigma waste reduction techniques.

We will provide you with high volumes of practical & motivational videos within our award-winning SWISH academy for you and your team to inspire them at the beginning of each working day or week, plus practical team building exercises, as well as, the framework so you can have highly effective morning meetings.

You will also receive a ticket to our SWISH Sales Bootcamp.

We will complete goal setting and action planning exercises, helping to set clearly written defined goals with accountability sessions with your mentor for 2 hours every single month.

You will also have access to the SWISH community and invites to the SWISH members events all year.

What are the main benefits?

You’ll find out where you are strongest, where are your potential areas to improve and focus on.

You’ll be given actionable tools and strategies you can implement within your business immediately.

You will increase revenue through improved conversions, and be able to lead and inspire your team, giving them the tools to sell ethically and generate repeat referral customers. They will be shown how to WOW customers and provide world-class customer service.

You will also have peace of mind knowing you will receive guidance, advice and help when trying to solve tough problems as we challenge your thinking regularly from people that have been there and done it before.

You’ll also be able to leverage your mentor’s extended network of contacts for new partnerships, employees and clients. Your mentor will help you stay accountable, make sure that you are implementing the tools given and stay on top of yours, your teams and business goals.

Who is it for?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, salespeople or anyone looking to understand the true art of ethical sales practises. Anyone who is serious about taking their business or career to the next level by converting more leads, increasing margins or even reducing sales cycles.

People that are truly committed to the program, who are coachable and ready to take massive action.

What is my investment?