How ethical selling business ISR Training used an emotional pitch to secure a triple-threat, $187,000 Shark Tank deal

Emma Koehn – Gold Coast entrepreneur Jack Corbett went into the Shark Tank this week with a calculated plan, but he didn’t anticipate his more “colourful past” would be what really caught the interest of the sharks. Corbett and Ryan Tuckwood, fellow co-founder of ethical sales training and recruitment business ISR Training, had no… Read more »


Even if you don’t follow fashion, follow me in this simple analogy. In the 90’s everyone wore tight fitted jeans which changed towards the mid-2000’s to anti-fit jeans, currently the more fitted trend is back. Just like fashion trends will our approach to sales revert? Will we go back to the door to door approach?… Read more »

What types of sales training are there?

What types of sales training are there and what do you think is the best way to learn? Jack: Lets look at the first part of that question – what types of sales training are there? There’s lot of different sales concepts or sales training. Looking back, we’ve probably done close to a couple of dozen… Read more »

SWISH Sales Training with Ryan Tuckwood

What is the SWISH Sales Method?

What is the SWISH Sales Method? Hi guys, my name is Ryan Tuckwood, I’m one of the Co-Founders here at ISR Training & Recruitment. Over the years we have tried, trialed, and tested a magnitude of different sales methods from a lot of different resources. We’ve finally been able to narrow down to a style that… Read more »