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Even if you don’t follow fashion, follow me in this simple analogy. In the 90’s everyone wore tight fitted jeans which changed towards the mid-2000’s to anti-fit jeans, currently the more fitted trend is back. Just like fashion trends will our approach to sales revert? Will we go back to the door to door approach?

Salespeople are the best people to tell you that cold calling is no fun. We all use our phones more than any other piece of technology so naturally, telemarketing has become the way to go. With mass cold calls on a standard script, we may be losing value. At the same time bombarding our clients with too much information will work against you as the average attention span is decreasing. On a consumer’s level when getting multiple calls in a day your less likely to listen as the day goes by. For cold calling to be productive you should follow the saying, “the early bird gets the worm”.  If the trend continues will companies change their approach and give a more personal touch by sending door to door salespeople to prospect? Time will only tell.