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Is a sales bootcamp more or less effective than taking an online course?

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Is a sales bootcamp more or less effective than taking an online course?

Jack Corbett & Ryan Tuckwood Head 2 Head

Ryan: First question, “Is a sales bootcamp more or less effective than taking an online course?” All righty. Lead the away.

Jack: This is where I answer the question like a politician. So, is a sales bootcamp, is physical face-to-face classroom-based training more or less effective than taking an online course? I think that really depends on who you are as a person.

With me as an individual, I am not overly conducive to classroom learning for a couple of reasons. Number one, I believe it’s all about me, so I spend half of the class talking and not listening to the teacher because I have a wide range of opinions or questions that I want answered.

So, when it comes to that style of learning, I’m a lot better in doing it one-to-one with whoever it is that I’m looking to obtain the guidance from. So I personally much prefer online learning because I can do it at my own time, in my own sort of pace, in my own domain.

A lot of people will know I’m very much a morning person. My mornings are highly productive and it’s at that point of my day when I prefer to learn. Well, I don’t know of a bootcamp or a class that starts at 5:30 in the morning for elite thinkers, or people that are looking to grow their business, or learn how to master the art of sales and negotiation.

I also, as many people don’t know, I don’t actually drink or party or anything like that (my evenings, Friday nights are a lot of fun in my house). I’m normally reading a book or watching some online content. So, for me, personally, I prefer online learning.

It’s available to me 24/7, 365 and I can reference it as and when I’m having any difficulty in my day-to-day operations.

Ryan: Beautiful. I will always be the yin to Jack’s yang. I do embrace the digital age and I think it means that we can learn 24/7, 365, that is fantastic. We’ve developed an online course just for that so people can actually jump onto their mobile phone, their iPad, their tablet, whatever it is and train at their leisure.

I like the face-to-face interaction. From a coaching perspective, I personally feel that I get more out of people when I’m doing the one-to-one coaching. I can really kind of open them up and get deep down into the root cause of what’s going to allow them to take action.

However, if you’re in business and you’re wanting to scale a business, I think it’s undoubtedly the way that we have to go. We have to digitalize whatever we’ve got up here and we have to document it to give us an ability to scale in some way, shape or form.

You just don’t want to lose that personal touch with your clients. Anyone that’s had any interaction with us over the years, I like to think one thing you will say about us is that we’ve got fantastic customer service and backend support, and that is something that we invest an awful lot of time and money in as well.

We’re always innovating, we’re always adapting our online content. We call it our liquid library. So the information that we’ve got in our training now, we’re always adding to it. What would you guys like to see from a business or sales perspective in a digital format? If you needed something right now or 10 o’clock at night, you’ve just had a bit of inspiration, the penny has dropped that you want to start a business, what do you want to be able to access instantly? And we’ll start to create that sort of content for you guys as well.

Jack: I think the reason that people would choose a sales bootcamp … Because what our experience has shown us it that 7 out of 10 people that utilize our services will do so inside the sales bootcamp, where only 3 of the 10 of them will do that through digital sales training.

So the vast majority of the reason is not only because they get to ask questions and feel like the content’s personalized to them, but also a lot of people do enjoy the collaboration that comes from sales bootcamp style learning. So I think being able to bounce ideas off of others is another reason people would prefer to do it in groups.

Ryan: Yeah. I think to combine the two, I don’t think they have to go exclusive either. I like the initial bootcamp; six, seven, eight hours worth of sales content, sales training. I absorb as much as possible but it’s hard to take all of that away with you and implement the next day.

So then to have all of that information available for me for 6, 12, 18 months or however long the program is, that’s worked really well for me on a personal level. Not just with our training but with other information and education that I’ve absorbed as well.

Jack: Rome wasn’t built in a day and if we talk about bootcamps from a fitness perspective, for me, yes, I love having the personal trainer there with me. And whenever I go back to it, to a gym, I look at four or five times in my life when I’ve gone back and I’ve gone, “All right. It’s January. I’m going to get on a diet. I’m going to lose some weight. I’m going to get in shape.”

I love having the personal trainer there for three, four, five sessions because they create a plan, they create accountability, they show me the methods or the techniques to get the results I’m aiming for, but what I love is they leave me with a plan. They actually write me a workout program that then I keep, that’s like the digital version. A sales bootcamp combined with digital sales training can be very effective in the same way.