Steve Baxter

G’day Steve Baxter here. I’m very happily invested in the ISR team. Why did we invest in ISR? Well, one reason is Jack (Corbett) and Ryan (Tuckwood), fantastic set of founders who display all the qualities of the product they sell. They’re awesome sales people. During the investment process, they sold us on why we should invest in them, so we saw proof positive on the attitude they take on their product and services and the way they conduct themselves. Since then, we’ve made the investment and we’ve introduced them to a variety of people inside our network and they’re closing sales as we speak so they follow through and they get results. Jack and Ryan and ISR, it was a very easy investment.

Steve Baxter Transition Level Investments



Andrew Banks

Hi, I’m Andrew Banks and I’ve always been a great believer that sales with integrity do amazing things. You have to believe in what you do, and if you believe in the product or service you’re providing, why shouldn’t you have a sales force that’s enthusiastic, effective and out there every day closing new deals. That’s why I invested in ISR. Because their SWISH Training Academy has shown that after 90 days, 90% of that sales force has had a 40% increase in their sales KPI’s. That means either more sales leads, more sales converted, or bottom-line more sales. After just 90 days. So if you’re a sales manager, sales lead or sales trainer you owe it to yourself to take your sales force through the SWISH Training Academy.

Andrew Banks Investor


Brandon Clift

It wasn’t until I met Ryan and Jack through ISR, and I learned the SWISH Sales Method, that I began to understand what it meant to sell with integrity and sell honestly. Not only have I been able to close 6 figures in sales since then, but I’ve actually been able to sell the company that I’ve built through those methods. I’m eternally grateful to the SWISH Team and the SWISH Sales Method!


Brandon Clift Zone Transformation
Glen Richards

Glen Richards here, I’m a Shark from Shark Tank, and I’m here just to remind everyone the importance of sales training skills. I recently invested in a great company called ISR. They deliver face-to-face and online/digital sales training programs. Many years ago when I was a young vet, and just started out in veterinary practice, owning my own practice, I read a great book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and the opening chapters were very much about the importance of sales training and being able to sell yourself and quite simply at the end of the day, when you’re running a business, business is about serving your customer and giving them whatever they want in terms of servicing their needs and servicing the needs profitably.

In any business you have to have the ability to sell yourself and to sell your business and position yourself in the market place so that you are delivering something unique to your customer and having good selling skills and good communication skills is very relevant to positioning yourself in the market place. The thing about ISR, I had the opportunity the other day at the Gold Coast entrepreneur awards night and I was sitting in the audience and ISR were positioned there as one of the young businesses, but what struck me was the number of companies, there was over 100 companies up for awards that night, that came up and spoke to me and said well done on investing with ISR, they knew through Shark Tank, but they were all customers or were intending to be customers of ISR and those that had used the ISR program spoke incredibly highly and strongly re-enforced the program that Jack and Ryan have put together and are delivering is simply one of the best programs anywhere that you can find. I certainly, absolutely recommend that you get involved.

Glen Richards Green Cross Vets

My first impression of ISR was that they’re very personable and professional, down to earth but knowledgeable. Without these guys, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go into business for myself. We recently had our best day ever, and since taking over the business we’ve quadrupled our sales. ISR taught me how to sell by being genuinely enthusiastic about what I do – sometimes I feel like I’m not even selling, I’m just engaging people on a level that feels right. All the staff at ISR have been absolutely fantastic, genuinely helpful, friendly, and upbeat. As for the training itself, it really helped me put into perspective the science of the sales process. It’s all about sales with integrity, which is what I’m all about and it was a great foundation for me to build my business on.

Wolf Hi Vibe Water
Bethanie E.

Honestly the nicest most inspiring team of people I have ever met! They really care about you and work so hard to get you where you want to be! I felt they really listened to what kind of working environment I wanted because I got exactly what I asked for and they were with me every step of the way, even now in the second week of my new job their support and guidance are still there which is great! Honestly the most genuine, lovely and smiley team you will ever meet, thanks for everything!

Bethanie E. Sales Professional
Mellissa M.

The ISR team I found to be very welcoming and friendly the moment you enter the building. I was so pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support and help I received from the ISR team. You guys truly do a great job! Thank you!!!

Mellissa M. Sales Professional
Dan Kerr

I highly recommend ISR Training to pretty much any business that sells, whether it be over the phone or face to face or any business or individual that’s looking to scale up their sales. Their diverse and engaging sales training has really helped grow our sales managers and sales team, giving them different sales techniques that have taken their abilities to a whole new level.

Dan Kerr
Jodie F.

This company is amazing, my mentor is a man named Ryan and he is awesome, set me up with some different tactics to use, end results have been on point. Can’t say any more except all the staff are wonderful, very warming, welcoming and interested in you as a person, not just a number!!

Jodie F. Sales Professional
Magnus E.

ISR is an experience in itself. If you are looking for a job in sales on the Gold Coast, this is the place to go. I jumped into a meeting not knowing what to expect and they delivered an unreal experience. This company is great, it truly is. I can’t wait for the sales training to start! Cheers from a very impressed Magnus.

Magnus E. Sales Professional
Alice M.

Brilliant from start to finish. Courtney is so lovely, Sarah is so smiley, friendly and everything is really clear. Mikel is absolutely brilliant, so down to earth. It feels more like having a chat with a friend more than anything else but all so professional at the same time. My coaching sessions with Ryan are always great. Walk away feeling better and he’s a great guy. Has done so well for himself. Everyone there is so happy to help you and make you feel at ease, I’d highly recommend them!!

Alice M. Sales Professional
Zach Featherstone

As an employer, I can highly rate the services provided by ISR Training and Recruitment. Jack and the ISR team invested much more than what was required to ensure that our staff were trained and armed with all the tools and skills they needed to be successful in their roles. Jack went over and above and for this reason, we will not only continue to use ISR but also refer our colleagues to this business. Thanks again mate!

Zach Featherstone Internet Removals

I would like to take the time to thank you both for the opportunity of attending your free seminars; the value to me personally has been immeasurable. You’ve made me see a different side to sales (I was unsure of being a “salesperson” and initially took it on as a new challenge). Since attending your first networking seminar I’ve seen what “I do” differently. Sales allow me to add value to my clients by understanding their core needs from the very beginning; which assists me in guiding them to make decisions which will help them achieve their goals and in turn I have smashed mine !!! With a huge target set for next year (could you imagine what would happen if I paid for your full-length workshops 😝 ) It’s been a great first full year of being in sales for me and I have you two to thank for the opportunity to freely learn a sales mindset that resonates with my own personal values #SWISH

Samantha RACV
Cam W.

The team at ISR are outstanding! The moment you step through the door you are welcomed with a smile and the utmost professionalism. The staff and just the general people that work for ISR are second to none and alongside their cutting-edge training program, I have watched myself in the last two weeks grow even more than I have in the last year. A massive thank you to you all at ISR!

Cam W. Sales Professional

Loved my meeting with Ryan today! He is fully of busniess knowledge and really enjoyed the insight. I look forward to working with him and the ISR team to improve my busniess.

Pippa Lee Jeffries Ruby Communication
Candice L.

I’ve just got to take this moment, to THANK the team at ISR, not only are you guys the BEST at what you do but there is no other training & recruiting company like this on the GOLD COAST!!! (Believe you me). My story with ISR is fantastic, I am a Mother, reentering the workforce after taking time off for my family. From the moment I made contact with ISR, everything has moved quickly and with clear information as to what to expect, within ONE WEEK I had MULTIPLE JOB INTERVIEWS and received a JOB OFFER before the week was up. ISR has made entering into the workforce a breeze, the training provided is assisting in developing myself into the highly successful individual I know myself to be.

Candice L. Sales Professional
Boris K.

ISR is the most honest, transparent and professional training/recruitment organisation I have ever seen. They truly care about people – their culture and training is first class. Highly recommended for both employers and employees.

Boris K. Sales Professional
Tracey B.

I moved to Gold Coast in early December and had found my self-unemployed at the young age of 48. All I knew is that I wanted a career in sales and I needed a job, my background was hospitality and I had no previous sales experience. In just over 3 weeks the ISR team has rocked my world, they have given me the most amazing training and support, and have ticked every single box they said they would from Day 1. You can see what these guys achieve and are capable of just by looking at their website and Facebook, you don’t need me for that. I’m here to share with you what you cant see. You can’t see the love and dedication that each and every staff member give you, you cant see the warmth in Courtney’s smile and hello’s that makes you feel like you belong in the waiting room, the ability that she holds to be able to make you feel at ease and relax your nerves. You can’t see Sarah’s smile which makes you feel like you are sitting with your best friend, you can’t see the effort and the concern she has making sure that you are placed in an environment that will do your skills justice and will allow you to grow. Most of all, you won’t see Ryan’s dedication, his drive his passion, and his knowledge that he gives to you unconditionally. This team is the best of the best of them and they give you their time, support and wisdom and they do it so you can achieve success. In a short period of 2 weeks, they took me from never having picked up a phone to make a sales call ever to number one in the office 2 weeks in a row. Not bad I say! I have had messages on weekends first thing in the morning, messages of motivation and just messages of a simple ‘How is the day going’?  Some days it is hard to do sales, and it does suck, but every day since the day I started with ISR I have been made to feel like I’m part of a fantastic family, and they make me feel like a superstar, and that my friends is what separates ISR from everyone else. From the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you, thank you for everything you do.

Tracey B. Sales Professional
Dave Cullen

I always found Ryan to be driven, enthusiastic and a great leader. His support and training were instrumental in my obtaining my current position. Ryan drove himself and our team to achieve bigger and better targets every month. He really does epitomise the idea of leading others by setting an example of how it͛s done. I have witnessed him accomplishing fantastic results and helping others to mirror this success through training and constructive feedback.

Dave Cullen Casepac